Het eerste nummer is uit!

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Het eerste nummer is uit!

woensdag 28 oktober 2015 – Het gaat over het Data Journal for the Humanities and Social Sciences met daarin een paper over project Reis van de Razzia.
Het journal is een gezamenlijke uitgave van Brill Uitgeverij en DANS

Research Data Journal (RDJ) is a digital open access journal, which is designed to comprehensively document and publish deposited data sets and to facilitate their online exploration. In this way it wants to contribute to transparency of research, accelerate dissemination and foster reuse. The journal concentrates on the social sciences and the humanities, covering history, archaeology, language and literature in particular. The publication languages are English and Dutch.

The RDJ contains data papers: scholarly publications of medium length (with a maximum of 2500 words) containing a non-technical description of a data set and putting the data in a research context. A data paper gets a persistent identifier and provides publication credits to the author, who is usually (but not necessarily) also the data depositor.

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